ARTSPEAK RADIO live -Anthony “AO” Oropeza, Mario Mora, Jason Sierra, & Andie Paloutzian

Maria talks with artists/writers Anthony “AO” Oropeza, Mario Mora, Jason Sierra and Andie Paloutzian. Oropeza and Mora will attend and display their work at Planet Comicon -Kansas City’s largest comic con and pop culture expo. Planet Comicon will be held at Bartle Hall 301 W. 13th St. KCMO and runs Friday May 20 through Sunday May 22. For more information visit

Anthony “AO” Oropeza, “I love comics. I wanted to create my own one day. I didn’t know how much work it would be. Comics for me are a great mix or art, story and graphic design. I now know the effect a well-drawn comic book and comic book character can have on a book and a story. I am thriving for a better book and a better story each and very publication. It makes it tough for the studio is that our book is about a Latin main character. It’s also bilingual, it is different. Anything different will succeed if the story is good. My goal is to create great stories and combine them with great art-with that combo, the books will succeed in all languages.”
Booth #1234 Artist Alley Friday – Sunday May 20-22
New book released – The Big Tuna Luna is Introduced in Issue #1.

Mario Mora is a full time freelance illustrator and comic creator, he is the writer and illustrator of the indie comic Pagan Zoetrope, as well as a handful of other self published poetry and children’s books. He is a graduate of UCM, and has worked in various studios around the Kansas City area for the last 18 years. On weekends he mentors students on weekends for the Scribbler’s Co. program in KCK. He also recently curated the Chicano Art Exhibit at Hallmark headquarters, KCMO. In this spare time, he also runs a one man podcasting effort. Mario will be at Planet Comicon table 2134.

Jason Sierra uses different mediums of expression, working in commercial art, graphic design, illustration, poetry and music. Sierra hosts, Drink and Draw at the minibar the last Wednesday of every month at minibar 7pm to 10pm. His POP poetry book is due out in August through Prospero’s. His work currently is at the Bite and Mattie Rhodes. .

Story Center Program Manager, Andie Paloutzian with the Woodneath Library Center talks about upcoming events. Woodneath Library Center is located at 8900 Flintlock Rd. KCMO 816.883.4900

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