Artspeak Radio October Extravaganza

Artspeak Radio, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, noon – 1pm CST, streaming live audio

Artspeak Radio welcomes artist Hugo Ximello-Salido, artist Kiki Serna, and musicians Alan Murphy, Brad Growcock, and Dave Storms.

HUGO XIMELLO-SALIDO is a self-taught, Mexican-American artist whose work explores cultural identity, personal identity, communication, connection, and more. Born and raised in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, Mexico, Ximello-Salido’s natural creativity and passion for painting stems from a family background full of artists. Upon moving to the United States, initial cultural shocks and difficulty with communication prompted him to begin expressing himself visually and to develop his own style and techniques. 

Ximello-Salido’s early work was primarily inspired by the traditions and colors of Mexican culture. Through a fusion of folkloric symbols, old-world history, and contemporary social issues, the artist creates a dialogue about identity and culture that abounds with color and texture. He continues to find inspiration in the intersection of various communities, especially the LGBT community, and strives to convey distinct yet universal perspectives to the viewer through his work.

“As part of my ongoing effort to celebrate and explore Mexican culture through art, I have been greatly inspired by Muxe – one-of-a-kind individuals who are assigned male at birth but grow up to dress and behave in ways traditionally associated with women. While there is some overlap with the transgender community, Muxe exist within a particular cultural context in Oaxaca, Mexico. They are not transgender women, as they don’t identify as women; they identify as Muxe. The Zapotec culture, concentrated in Oaxaca, is dominantly Catholic today and yet accepts Muxe as a vibrant and even necessary part of the community.” …Hugo Ximello-Salido          
Future events, etc.
*Kansas City Museum lecture talk, trailer preview

Hugo Ximello-Salido ~
an artistic approach to Gender Fluidity.

Saturday, October 23rd
11:00 to 11:30 AM
1:00 to 1:30 PM

*Bose Gallery at the Crossroads Art District 
Queer Narrative Festival art exhibit 

November -December 2021
1922 baltimore ave,kcmo

Opening night 
Friday November 5th. 6-9

* 21c Art Museum. Lecture in November details to come in the following weeks.
*Mid-America LGBTQI Chamber. Big Brothers Big Sisters, trailer preview of MUXE.. in November details to come in the following weeks.
*Chicago viewing in summer 2022, at TAC Chicago and Hyde Park Art Center.
*Amsterdam International Air fair, August 2022, art exhibit.  
*2022, Premiers in Kansas City,  
*2023 Hugo Gaban gallery opening in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. 

KIKI SERNA-“La Onda” featuring works by Latinx Artsts; Silvia Abisaab, Cesar Lopez, Carlos Ortiz, Rebeka Pech, Kiki Serna, Melissa Guadalupe Wolf

La Onda, a term that translates literally into “The Wave us a Latinx slang term that can stand for the vibe Waves transfer energy-they reflect, shift, bend, and pass around and through obstacles. When two waves meet they join to make a larger wave-these waves can travel many distances even if their point of origin is very small in this way. La Onda finds a home within the characteristics of physical and vibrational waves, using this concept as a visual translation of the Latinx experience. Using the Midwest as a background La Onda migrates from place to place throughout the local KCMO area showcasing different Latinx artists and their work-translating their different narratives and perspectives while also comparing the togetherness of the Latinx experience.

Alan Murphy, Dave Storms and Brad Growcock- Alan Murphy is the singer songwriter for the “Out There” show at the Lawrence Arts Center on Saturday, October 30th. The show will consist of a short film by Firesign Theater called “Martian Space Party” followed by a concert of live music by Alan Murphy & The Space Invaders. They will be playing songs from their new album “Out There.”

Alan Murphy became locally famous in Lawrence in the 1980s and 1990s as leader of a band called Ricky Dean Sinatra. They often played the Bottleneck, Grand Emporium and other local venues. Alan has also written songs with Chuck Mead who he got to know when Chuck’s band, The Homestead Grays, often opening for Ricky Dean Sinatra. Alan started writing songs about outer space during his time with Ricky Dean but few of them were performed or recorded by the band. Once COVID hit, he decided to go into Roll Away The Stone studio, helmed by drummer Dave Storms, and record these songs. He recruited Barry Lee to help in the production and to play guitar on the basic tracks which were then forwarded to other musicians to add their parts remotely. The result was a two record set of songs.

Dave Storms has played drums in numerous local bands for many years, including the Waspmen and Broken Arrows. He’s currently a member of Splatter Pattern. He produced and played on the album adding not only drums but guitar, keyboards and other percussion.

Brad Growcock played with the Mahoots and many local bands in Lawrence including Jesus Loves The Atom Bomb. He’s a member of Barry Lee & The Mystic Arrows currently.

The show on the 30th is a benefit for KKFI. Halloween costumes are encouraged. The venue will be socially distanced in it’s seating and the attendance will be limited to 150 people. Proof of vaccination or recent negative test will be required at the door.

Lawrence Art Center 940 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS
Saturday, October 30, 7:30pm

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