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Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes Caranne Camaren with Vulpes Bastille and musician Julia Othmer & James T Lundie.


Julia Othmer is evolving into a new artistic reality as Aayama Forcefield alongside renowned UK
producer James T Lundie, aka Max Forcefield. Together they are The Forcefields. They are currently releasing the first single “Slip Away” from their debut EP “BRIDGE.”

Julia was on the search for an extraordinary audio alchemist to produce the follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut album Oasis Motel. She connected with several producers and had ear-opening experiences; however, none were quite what she was imagining. While sitting fireside at a friend’s studio in LA, she was surrounded by a lush tapestry of sound emanating from the speakers. It was as if time stopped and she could step inside the music. She knew she needed to meet the person behind this sonic architecture, so she headed to North London, landed on James’ front steps, and refused to leave. James had been working extensively in film and TV composition, audio branding, and writing for others. He was on a sabbatical from the commercial world to focus on creating more deeply personal music.

Once they began experimenting in the studio, James realized he had found an excellent muse. With her incredible dynamic power and emotionality, and her raw ability and range, she was his ideal collaborator. This began a creative and inspired partnership both in music and in life. Together, they created studio and live recordings, short-form films to accompany their music, a multi-media performance, and multiple social and environmental justice initiatives, all released under Julia’s name.

Inspired to take their collaboration to the next level, they are creating a new cosmo-sonic aesthetic with their next project: THE FORCEFIELDS. Their sound is evolving into what is described as The Beach Boys having a bonfire with Annie Lennox while living in a Portishead world. Their studio recordings feature vintage synthesizers, audio equipment and one-of-a-kind instruments, heard nowhere else in the world, as they are reimagined and rebuilt into unique sonic tools by James.

Their debut EP, BRIDGE, (releasing in spring 2024) is a sonic bridge between their previous work together and this new trajectory. Per Julia, “Bridge represents the sonic bridge between the work we have done under my name, to the world we are now creating together as The Forcefields.” Reinterpreting and distilling the essence of two of Julia’s previous songs, BRIDGE is a rhythmic, multi-layered and richly textured exploration. The first track “Slip Away” is a moody depiction of erosion and letting go on multiple levels. “Frickin Awesome Remix” is a high energy self-empowerment anthem.

Their live performances as the Forcefields are multi-media sound and light experiences, inviting intimacy and spectacle. The Forcefields say, “We are so thrilled to connect with listeners and generate groovy vibes. Together we can raise the collective vibration and have a frickin’ awesome time while doing it. Cosmic.”

Julia Othmer aka Aayama Forcefield
Julia Othmer’s voice is vibrant and emotionally potent. Her piano-driven performances are mesmerizing fusions of raw power, vocal artistry and joy. Passionate and engaging, Othmer creates intimate warmth with her audiences. The child of refugees, Othmer draws from a richly cultured palette of experience to inspire her intensely human yet otherworldly songs. Using music to connect to people and social issues inspires her.

Known for the intensity of her stage presence and dynamic performances, Othmer is one of seven artists selected to represent the USA for Global Music Match 2021, a 2022 Official Showcasing Artist at Folk Alliance International, and a M-AAA Artist Leadership Fellow 2023. Her award-winning music has been featured on NPR and the BBC, in film, TV, and video games. She tours internationally and has shared the stage with a range of artists including Emmylou Harris, Sarah McLachlan, The Alarm and Regina Spektor.

James T Lundie aka Max Forcefield
James T Lundie is an innovative composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, videographer, songwriter, and designer. James has created music for film, television, audio branding, and international publicity
campaigns for the likes of the BBC, Budweiser, Johnnie Walker, Honda and Toshiba. His work features bespoke audio equipment, re-imagined vintage gear, and instruments of his own creation.

Contact Info and Links:
[email protected]

CARANNE CAMARENA, VULPES BASTILLE- Vulpes Bastille is an artist-run studio and gallery space located in the East Crossroads District of Kansas City, MO. Housed in a 100-year-old renovated dancehall, it provides emerging and local artists with affordable spaces to create and display their work. With a commitment to supporting Kansas City’s artistic community at every stage of the creative process, Vulpes Bastille hosts monthly exhibitions through an annual open call, and offers studio rentals when available.
Vulpes Bastille is an ideal venue for experimental and installation-based exhibitions, with an emphasis on giving artists full control over their shows. Exhibitions are selected through an annual open call, with priority given to students and emerging artists. As a result, Vulpes Bastille has become a creative fortress for artists of all backgrounds and career levels, sustaining a diverse community of artists over the past decade.
In 2012, shortly after graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute, Caranne Camarena purchased an empty building on the corner of Locust & 18th Street. Almost one-hundred years old, the property had been founded originally as a dancehall during the 1920s, then transitioned to an auto repair garage and print shop over the course of its storied life. Concerned with where she and her peers would continue their artistic practices after school, Caranne envisioned its potential as an artists’ haven. Over the next decade, she built 12 studios and a spacious, white-walled gallery space that has remained a centerpiece of the local art scene.
Vulpes Bastille is currently run by a small team of artists: Caranne Camarena Executive Director
Audrey Schuler Gallery Director
Elinore Noyes Communications Director

This month Vulpes Bastille is proud to present a collaborative exhibition by KCAI Ceramics seniors Avery Jade and Stephen Homer and a solo exhibition by Columbia-based photographer Angela Shaffer.
RAMIFICATIONS is a collaborative installation of ceramics, photography, fiber, and printmaking that explores the intersections between humans, nature, and our constructed environments.
FOR DEAR LIFE is an image series about a desire for maternal control through photographic means.
Come out to support First Fridays and the Crossroads!
Vulpes Bastille is located at 1737 Locust KCMO

RAMIFICATIONS is an exhibition of selected works by Avery Jade and Stephen Homer. Avery and Stephen are BFA candidates at Kansas City Art Institute whose works explore the intersections between humans, nature, and our constructed environments through the mediums of clay, printmaking, fiber, and photography.
As studiomates they have been in constant dialogue for the last two years about ideas and techniques, sharing material explorations and creating related but individually unique styles that marry well in conversation with each other.
Avery is exhibiting wall tiles that explore the grief within the intersection of our urban environments and our natural world. Other works on view include a sculpture reminiscent of mountains that explores resource use and management, a large hand woven rug crafted on a hundred-year-old loom while in Mexico, and a linocut octopus print inspired by Minoan pottery.
Stephen’s works include an installation of planted ceramic pylons that explore the persistence of nature within our urban spaces, a large sculpture of a human head that is encrusted with coral and algal forms, a moon jar with textures inspired by cliff faces and shale deposits, a sculpture combining elements of terrestrial plants, fungus, and aquatic life, a large sculptural piece investigating the degradation of our cities, waste and resource usage, and a free hanging sculpture inspired by a visit to the local Kauffman Memorial Garden and the plants within. In addition they will exhibit a series of abstract photographic prints which utilize intentional camera movement and digital layering of domesticated and wild plants and sub/urban landscapes.
Join us for brief artist talks at the closing reception on Saturday, March 23rd.
Closing Reception & Artist Talks: Saturday, March 23rd, 6-9 PM

FOR DEAR LIFE is an image series about a desire for maternal control through photographic means. This work makes visible anxiety with my son’s aging and burgeoning independence. These images depict maternal conflict with the understanding that time persists, even as one attempts to stop it.
Angela Shaffer is a photographer working to bring visibility to hidden aspects of mothering. In doing so she explores the psychology, vulnerability, and banality of motherhood. Her work has been featured in exhibitions with Serchia Gallery (Bristol, UK), Ortega Y Gasset Projects (NY), Woman Made Gallery (IL), The Artist/ Mother Podcast (TN), The University of Iowa (IA), and the Sheldon Galleries (MO). Angela was a Finalist for the Palm Photo Prize 2022 and she was a 2021 Critical Mass Finalist with PhotoLucida.
Angela (b. 1983, Pennsylvania) received her B.S. in Art Education from Asbury University and was a High School Art Teacher for five years in Garrard County, KY. She currently lives in Columbia, MO where she is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the University of Missouri’s School of Visual Studies.
Closing Reception: Saturday, March 23rd, 6-9 PM

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