Artspeak Radio with Shelly Pinto & Katrina Revenaugh

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Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes artists Shelly Pinto and Katrina Revenaugh.

SHELLY PINTO – After graduating from KCAI with a painting degree and working at Hallmark Cards, I co-founded with my husband a handmade paper company called Shizen Design. The company designs and sells screen print papers from India.  I use these papers in my mixed media paintings. The merging of the exotic surface patterns and the culture of India has imparted designs that blend together my history and cultural experiences to create a truly international and unique vision in my artwork.

My childhood memories are full of color and evolving patterns.  The fascination with color and the movement of patterns has always been a part of me. I can spend hours getting lost mixing colors and manipulating shapes.  I have lovely memories of time spent arranging color palettes, patterns and shapes for fibers works as a kid, never thinking that would continue to grow in me as an adult.

Patterns, colors, and shapes provide links to my history, my environment, and my inner thoughts.
I begin my mixed media paintings by mixing colors, cutting shapes, and overlapping patterns.  The process of layering and mixing reveals an inner calm and a connection to the world.  I find that patterns and repetition represent an historical structure and insight into life’s interlocking balance. I often see my artwork as a colorful kaleidoscope that I adored as a child.

KATRINA REVENAUGH is a mixed media artist that transforms the grit and chaos of street art into her own language of self-expression. Her current body of work explores this in the most unusual way by pairing graffiti with botanicals she’s photographed in and around Kansas City. Combining her photography with traditional painting techniques onto various surfaces, she creates unexpected worlds where blooms and street art ephemera convey uplifting messages of peace, acceptance, harmony and positivity—where vibrant bursts of color, gestures, natural forms and graffiti offer much visual exploration. Katrina is an active member of the Kansas City Artists Coalition and previously served on our board for seven years.

Kemper Museum Annual Gala- For more than 25 years, Kemper Gala has played a key role in ensuring Kansas City has access to world-class contemporary art and programs for all ages and abilities—all free of charge. Occurring annually in October, the gala is the museum’s largest fundraising event and it has become known as one of the best parties in Kansas City.
Save the Date! Kemper Gala 2023 is Saturday, October 14. We’re calling it ArtSmash: a convergence of ideas and perspectives, art and party, philanthropy and fashion—a collision of styles and meanings.

The convergence of art and ideas, people and place, philanthropy and fashion. ArtSmash is a unique event that brings us together in support —and celebration— of the art of our time.

Three ways you make a difference by supporting ArtSmash:
You keep exhibitions and public programs free and accessible for everyone.
You provide a platform for artists representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and foster a welcoming environment of belonging for all.
You support cutting-edge artists, often at key moments in their careers, and programs that use art to teach everyone from tots to medical students.

Kemper Museum 4420 Warwick Blvd. KCMO
Oct 14, 2023

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