Artspeak Radio with Teresa Dirks, Sue Moreno, & Laura Nugent

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Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes artists Teresa Dirks, Sue Moreno, and Laura Nugent.

TERESA DIRKS -Growing up in the rural quasi-south, around seamstresses, quilters, gardeners, and farmers, I learned to love nature, nurture, growing and making. This made me. Creative.
So now, when I create art, my aim is to reconstruct those experiences from life as a woman, and from the landscape, and share that connection you the viewer. I strive to recreate a conceptional experience whether it is the complexity of urban decay, the intensity of the sky, or the linear connection to cultivation, nature, and the horizon. The proportions and structure within my works strive to create some sense of balance and harmony while highlighting the beautiful chaos that life throws at us all.
The horizon, interplay, color juxtaposition and those relationships are the subject of my art work. Everyone, no matter where they live, has a horizon. And that horizon commands our attention. My work investigates relationships and envisions a world where we are all respected. My work is about harmony. It is about those horizon lines and those intersections or parallels, where good things happen. My art invites the viewer to interpret and find energy in a meaningful way. My hope is to create a joie de vivre to remind us of what life truly is.
Over the years, my work has developed texturally and organically by using the visual elements and principles of color, line, texture, movement, and pattern. The resulting variants and contrasts reflect complexities but with a harmony. My art has come to symbolize my inner strength as a woman and my connection with the world around me.

SUE MORENO has worked as an art teacher in Kansas City for 35 years as a teacher and mentor to other teachers, as well as inspiring artwork of of her own. Currently, Moreno’s art is exhibited in A Layered Presence  / Una presencia estratificada
Artists and art are multilayered.
Each artist in this exhibition is a nuanced individual, with many layers informing their identity and the stories they tell through their art. Among them are their experiences, passions, and roles in our community. These layers are interwoven with strong personal ties to Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Uruguay, and Peru.
Like the artists themselves, their art is also multifaceted—composed of layers of subject matter, materials, and meaning.  At the intersection of these layers, there is evidence of lived experiences. Artists also reckon with immigration and LGBTQIA+ issues as well as address family dynamics, ancestral relationships, healing, place, and more. While some of these layers reveal, others purposefully protect and conceal.
The power to authentically tell one’s own story is significant. It can foster connection, promote understanding, preserve history, and signify resilience. For this exhibition, the artists wrote labels to accompany their art and recorded audio interviews. Using the Smartify app, scan a work of art to hear more from each artist.
Nelson Atkins Museum of Art 4525 Oak St.

LAURA NUGENT Originally from Rhode Island, Laura Nugent studied at SACI
(Florence, Italy), New School for Social Research (NYC) and
earned her BFA in painting from MICA (Baltimore). She has
served as president of the Kansas City Artists Coalition, a
Charlotte Street Foundation mentor and Artist Inc. facilitator for
the Interurban Art House (Overland Park, KS). Laura’s work is in
private and corporate collections including The Four Seasons
Hotel (Chicago), Black and Veatch, Pinnacle Bank (Nashville) and
Hallmark Inc. After living and working in New York, Chicago and
Los Angeles, Laura now maintains a workspace in Holsum
Studios in Kansas City’s historic West Bottoms. She and her
partner Mark Hennick organize the annual Holsum Studios tour
for 30+ community artists. Her curatorial practice is
@seedcrusherprojects, an invitational exhibition space for
emerging and outsider artists. Laura may be reached through
her website,
[email protected]

Open Studios at Holsum Studios
1200 West 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105
November 10, 5 PM – 9 PM
November 11, 11 AM – 5 PM
Participating Artists:
Zac Comstock (2nd Fl.) @zaccomstockart
Hyeyoung Shin (2nd Fl.). @hyshin0106
Heidi Schultz (3rd Fl.) @heidi.bobbette.schultzenhimer
Megan Karson (2nd Fl.) @megankarson
Jackson Daughety (3rd Fl.) @daughetyjack
Craig Deppen Auge (5th Fl.) @graigdeppenauge
Merry Sun (5th Fl.) @mrrps
Kate Horvat (3rd Fl.) @kate_horvat
Garry Noland (3rd Fl.) @garrynol
Jenna Bauer (3rd. Fl.) @jennasbauer
Katharina Bossman (1st Fl.) @kjbprinter
Kylie McConnell (3rd. Fl.) @garbage.human
Laura Nugent (4th Fl.) @laura_nugent_
Mark Hennick (4th Fl.) @markhennick
Samantha Haan (2nd Fl.) @sam_haan
Cesar Lopez (2nd Fl.) @youngbauhaus
Irving Tapia (2nd Fl.) @chucky_531
Hannah Kelly (2nd Fl.) @hannahkellyarts
Kelsey Hall/Moon Rider (2nd Fl.) @m00nrider
Susan White (2nd Fl.) @susanwhite1010
William Plummer (2nd Fl.) @poillywoig
Lisa Maione (5th Fl.) @berriesforeveryone
Lori Raye Erickson (3rd Fl.) @lorirayeericksonart
Devin Goebel (5th Fl.) @devingoebel
Sherry Diggs (5th Fl.)

Holsum Studios includes multiple artist-run gallery spaces. Holsum Gallery (@holsumgallery)
on the 3rd Floor (operated by artist Garry Noland) will feature the new works of Isaiah Lee
(Chicago, IL) and Travis Pratt (Kansas City/Joplin, MO ). Seed Crusher Projects
(@seedcrusherprojects) on the 4th floor (Laura Nugent and Mark Hennick, curators) will exhibit
the first solo showing of artist Faviola Calymayor (Kansas City). Collection Elizabeth Oran
(@ceo_mmxix), a 3rd floor project space, will also be open to the public during Open Studios.
Works from this private collection will be on display.
Holsum Studios is located at the corner of 12th and Santa Fe, alongside the 12th Street
Viaduct. Entrance to the building will be marked with signage and balloons both days of the
event. The public is invited.

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