Beautiful Resistance: Abdelfattah Abusrour talks about the Center for Culture in the Aida refugee camp

Abdelfattah Abusrour, who grew up in the Aida refugee camp, is empowering Palestinian children with a new form of non-violent resistance by providing alternative activities for creative expression and positive change, as well as therapeutic outlets for anger.  Abdelfattah has pinpointed a relationship between non-violence and healthy self-expression among children living in Palestinian refugee camps and developed venues and practices to build “beautiful resistance.” There, children can be separated from the violent and politically charged atmosphere that surrounds them each day. They learn how to use peaceful, cooperative means to release emotions and express their hopes and dreams in an artistic and constructive, rather than violent, manner.  He is giving children an opportunity to enjoy their childhood, a basic right many children in the world take for granted. Abdelfattah creates tangible safe spaces for the children of the camp to play and gain skills—providing an alternative to martyrdom and a respite from fear. He believes this freedom of expression will have a profound effect on their future life choices. The children will no longer need to throw stones at Israeli soldiers to show their resistance; they can instead turn their energies toward building a better future.
Through extensive arts programs, job skills training, educational tutoring, and psychological counseling, Abdelfattah’s work includes children, parents and schools.

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