Chris Hudson of Gullywasher on The Tasty Brew Music Radio Show

Chris Hudson, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader and member of Kansas City-based Gullywasher, The Bard Owls and The Multiverse will be joining host Diana Linn via telephone in the 7 am hour on March 9.  Gullywasher has been hard at work during the pandemic creating new music in the recording studio culminating in a lovely full length work “Holding the Dawning.”  This collection of songs is stacked with lush layers of ambient Americana, world class picking and storytelling.

Also debuting this week are new tunes from Kansas City’s Leah Watts, Americana darling Garrison Starr and a new collaboration recorded in the badlands around Marfa, Texas from Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert and Jon Randall.  Now THAT’s Americana!

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