Deep Tracks with Rick Dodderidge

Something out of the Tasty Brew Music Box on this week’s episode!  Diana Linn’s in studio guest, Rick Dodderidge, has been to over 400 Grateful Dead concerts and travelled the world to see hundreds of legacy artists…most recently a Jeff Beck Tribute Show in London and a mega concert with Joni Mitchell hosted by Brandi Carlisle  at The Gorge in Washington State.  By his own admission he has spent what some may consider a crazy amount of money in support of the musical artists he admires.  If you think Earl Bailey of Sirius XM Radio is the master of Deep Tracks, I submit that our own Rick Dodderidge would give him a run for his money in not only putting together a deep deep track playlist but walking the walk in his support of his favorite music makers.  Rick has a monthly residency with our own Mike Lytle on Friday Night’s The Real Deal Radio Program.

Also featured on this week’s show… the best in Americana/Roots Music with new releases from Christena Graves of Lawrence, Kansas and Diana Linn’s Number One Pretend Boyfriend Joe Ely!

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