Every Woman • December, 25th 2021 • What’s Cooking: Jessica McCallop-McClellan

Giving Hope and Help
Join us this week for What’s Cooking with Shelia Johnson as she has a conversation with the founder of Giving hope and Help, Jessica McCallop-McClellan.

Jessica McCallop-McClellan is a motivational speaker, (Jessica Lynn Speaks Life), she has been the keynote speaker at many women’s events and inspirational movements. She is also the Founder and President of Giving Hope & Help Inc., “Voice of the voiceless”, survivor and advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, education and cancer support advocate, philanthropist, voice for equality and justice as well the radio/internet talk show host of Jessica Lynn Speaks Life, formerly PURPOSE, PASSION & POWER with Jessica Lynn on KUAW Radio Station. Jessica has received several prestigious awards and recognitions from on her philanthropic work, humanitarianism, and leadership in the community and with Giving Hope & Help Inc. 

Jessica launched Giving Hope & Help Inc. in honor of her Thanksgiving birthday.  November 30, 2013. She hosted “The Thanksgiving Birthday Give”-Launch of Giving Hope & Help and 1st Annual Feminine Hygiene Product Drive to collect sanitary napkins and tampons. Over 5,000 products were collected to benefit the domestic violence shelter, Hope House in Jackson County- 2 locations. To date, Giving Hope & Help supports 25+ domestic violence shelters/places of refuge. Texas Giving Hope & Help launched Nov. 2015, with the first annual feminine product drive. 

Giving Hope & Help collects period products and packaged children’s and women’s underwear year-round via partnerships with businesses, organizations, companies, and the community to support the NO FEMALE WITHOUT or NO ONE WITHOUT PERIOD PRODUCTS MOVEMENT. This movement benefits domestic violence survivors (and the shelters in which they live), natural disaster survivors, the homeless community, schools, women, and girls’ organizations and those in need of feminine care locally and across the globe.

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