Every Woman • June 18, 2022 – Intentionally Fearless with Caroline Hammond

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Join us for this week’s Every Woman, as we are delighted to welcome Caroline Hammond with Intentionally Fearless!

“Intentionally Fearless” is a monthly contributor for “Every Woman” on KKFI. We always use story telling to enhance empathy and create change. Our focus? Answering the question, “What is your superpower?” Your Superpower is the thing that makes you……you. And, when you fully own your talent, the Super Power Cape fits better, you fly further, and you positively impact your OWN life first, and then create the change you want to be in the world.

A headshot photo of Faith Teope, a white woman with long blonde hair and red lipstick
Faith Teope and Caroline Hammond

Today, she will be talking with a special guest, Faith Teope.  They are a 401k specialist, and the CEO of Leverage Retirement.

That’s at 3pm Central Time, on 90.1 FM, streaming on kkfi.org or various apps on your phones! And be sure to keep up with Every Woman at our Facebook page which you can find right here!



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