Freeze Frame: “Asteroid City” (PG-13), “No Hard Feelings” (R), “The Perfect Find” (Not rated)

Filmmaker Wes Anderson is the king of quirky and his movies are an acquired taste. His latest effort, the offbeat comedy “Asteroid City” is no exception. This whimsical story-within-a-story involves a 1950’s era convention of junior scientists gathering at the desert landing site of a meteorite. Things get complicated when an alien drops in on the proceedings. It’s visually arresting, unique in structure and is overloaded with stars, including Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Steve Carrell, Edward Norton, and Bryan Cranston. Is it style over substance? Absolutely. “Asteroid City” is cinematic cotton candy for magnanimous Anderson fans.

I was prepared to hate the raunchy sex comedy “No Hard Feelings.” However, Jennifer Lawrence is so good that she makes this off-color coming-of-age story seem a whole lot better than it is. Lawrence plays a financially struggling 30-something recruited by a wealthy couple to de-virginize their introverted and awkward 19-year-old son. She gets a used car out of the deal. There are some shameless laughs to be had, but the movie’s ethics are dubious at best and the story never rings true. Nonetheless, Lawrence gives it her all in “No Hard Feelings” and adds a bit of heart to an otherwise clumsy enterprise.

Gabrielle Union stars in the bawdy unrated Netflix rom-com “The Perfect Find,” She plays a forty-something fashion journalist who carries on an affair with her boss’ much younger son, a recent college grad, played by Keith Powers. The pacing is awkward, and the situations are never believable. But hey, it’s a romantic comedy. The cast is engaging, and fashions are eye-catching. “The Perfect Find” ain’t perfect but is a passable diversion for fans of the genre.

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