Freeze Frame: “Blue Beetle” (PG-13), “Strays” (R), “Landscape with Invisible Hand” (R), “The Monkey King” (PG)

“Blue Beetle” is the latest superhero movie from the DC Comics universe that’s notable mainly for its Hispanic cast and production staff. Xolo Maridueña from “Cobra Kai” plays a young man whose body is invaded by an alien scarab giving him powers he uses to take down an evil corporate entity. Susan Sarandon gets to chew some scenery as the bad guy. “Blue Beetle” a competent popcorn movie that adds little to the genre except some welcome inclusivity.

The course, foul-mouthed R-rated comedy Strays” is the evil twin of “The Incredible Journey.” Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx lend their voices as dogs who join forces to exact revenge on Will’s owner who had abandoned him. It manages to pull off some shameless laughs but is so hell-bent on vulgarity that the effect becomes tiresome. “Strays” is a mangy mutt.

The sci-fi comic drama “Landscape with Invisible Hand” is one odd duck of a movie. Asante Blackk plays a teenager during an alien occupation of Earth. To make some much needed cash, he and his girlfriend livestream their fledgling romance to the aliens for their amusement. This social commentary about class, culture and the domination of the wealthy is original and daring, but a bit too easy going for its own good.

The new Netflix animated fantasy “The Monkey King” is not to be confused with earlier adaptations of the classic Ming Dynasty story. A selfish monkey employs a stolen magical staff to kill demons in his pursuit of immortality. The animation is eye-catching, but the action is so frenetic and the plot so chaotic that most kids will probably just be bewildered by the whole thing.

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