Freeze Frame: “Five Nights at Freddy’s” (PG-13), “The Killer” (R), “Anatomy of a Fall” (R), “Pain Hustlers” (R)

The PG-13-rated Halloween offering “Five Nights at Freddy’s” plays on the creepy feelings generated by those animatronic animals at kids’ pizza joints. Josh Hutcherson plays a night security guard who discovers that the robotic creatures at an abandoned entertainment venue have murderous intent. “Five Night’s at Freddies” is very, very silly, but a mildly entertaining seasonal creepfest.

Michael Fassbender stars in “The Killer,” the violent and stylish story of a methodical and philosophical hitman whose world is upended when a hit goes wrong. Director David Fincher employs a studious approach with dashes of tongue-in-cheek humor. “The Killer” is a slick and amoral thriller that’s as stone-cold as its protagonist.

The cerebral French courtroom drama “Anatomy of a Fall” was the big winner at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.  Sandra Hüller gives a spectacular performance as a woman on trial for the murder of her husband. But was she responsible or was it an accident or, perhaps, suicide? It’s an extremely thoughtful and provocative film that employs a unique approach to examine a failing marriage. And for those who hate subtitles, never fear. For the most part, “Anatomy of a Fall” is in English.

The Netflix comic drama “Pain Hustlers” focuses on how the opioid crisis was fueled by greed and desperation in the pharmaceutical industry. Emily Blunt and Chris Evans play drug reps who skirt the law by paying off doctors to prescribe their addictive painkillers. With such a great premise and a terrific cast, it’s strange how bland and uninvolving “Pain Hustlers” is. You’d have to be on drugs to enjoy it.

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