Freeze Frame: “Rustin” (R), “Next Goal Wins” (PG-13), “Trolls Band Together” (PG), “Best. Christmas. Ever!” (TV-PG)

A riveting performance from Colman Domingo and an important untold story propel the Netflix biopic, “Rustin.” The film focuses on the Civil Rights activist Bayard Rustin and his efforts to organize the groundbreaking 1963 March on Washington while deflecting criticisms within the movement about his gay lifestyle. While structurally unbalanced, “Rustin” is still an involving and effective history lesson.

Michael Fassbender stars in Taika Watiti’s sentimental feel-good sports movie, “Next Goal Wins.” Fassbender plays a down-on-his-luck soccer coach who attempts to reverse the fortunes of the American Samoa team that has never scored a single goal. While its heart is in the right place, “Next Goal Wins” is too formulaic to score. Instead, you may want to check out the 2014 British documentary “Next Goal Wins” that tells the same story.

“Trolls Band Together” is the third musical comedy in the animated series, this time satirizing boy bands. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are back voicing the main characters and NSYNC reunites for the soundtrack. “Trolls Band Together” is overly manic and frenzied but should still appeal to very young kids and their boy-band-loving moms.

Heather Graham and Brandy star in the Netflix holiday farce “Best. Christmas. Ever!” Graham plays a woman who is jealous of an old friend’s spectacularly successful life as reflected in her family’s yearly holiday newsletter. Heather sets out to prove that the claims are false, and puts her own family’s Christmas in jeporady. What’s false is every awkward note of this movie. It’s as artificial as an aluminum Christmas tree. “Best. Christmas. Ever!” isn’t the worst movie ever…but it’s close.

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