Freeze Frame: “Sight” (PG-13), “The Garfield Movie” (PG), “Atlas” (PG), “The Blue Angels” (G)

“Sight” tells the remarkable true story of Dr. Ming Wang. Terry Chen plays Dr. Wang, an immigrant to the US who developed groundbreaking eye surgery techniques. It spotlights his personal struggles as a youth in China and the tragedies that propelled his determination. The filmmaking may be sluggish and uninspired, but Dr. Wang’s life certainly is not. “Sight” works as well as it does due to its life-affirming themes.

Many newspaper comic strips have gone the way of the dodo bird, but Garfield lives on. The new animated farce “The Garfield Movie” is a wacky entry providing a back story that introduces us to Garfield, voiced by Chris Pratt, and his long-lost dad, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. It ain’t Pixar, but “The Garfield Movie” is an amusing enough family flick.

Jennifer Lopez stars in the splashy, big-budget Netflix sci-fi thriller, “Atlas.” J. Lo plays a troubled data analyst who, in the distant future, goes on a mission to a far off planet to stop a rogue AI robot who plans to destroy the human race. Her distrust of all artificial intelligence is nearly her undoing. Like “Terminator,” “Atlas” is a cautionary tale, but wants to have it both ways when it comes to AI. It’s an action-packed but thematically scattershot affair.

They have the need. The need for speed. The Amazon Prime documentary, “The Blue Angels” is a behind the scenes look at the pilots who present the precision air show acrobatics that dazzle audiences around the country. The aerial cinematography is impressive, but the movie is a bit humdrum when on the ground. Overall, it’s a respectful, eye-catching salute to those daring pilots.

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