Freeze Frame: “The Burial” (R), “Dear David” (R), “Garden City, Kansas” (Not rated), “Herd” (Not rated)

A flamboyant lawyer attempts to dig up some justice in “The Burial,” an Amazon Prime drama inspired by a true story. Jamie Foxx gives a magnetic performance as Willie E. Gary, a personal injury lawyer who took on a big corporation in a contract law case, representing an exploited funeral home proprietor played by Tommy Lee Jones. Foxx is compelling, but Jones is equally good in a believably understated performance. “The Burial” is a crowd-pleasing David versus Goliath social drama.

The supernatural horror film “Dear David” is very loosely inspired by a viral Twitter thread by BuzzFeed cartoonist Adam Ellis. Augustus Prew plays Ellis, and the film recounts his experience as he becomes increasingly convinced that his apartment is haunted by the ghost of a murdered boy. It’s a pointed commentary on internet trolls, but it isn’t particularly scary, and we’ve seen all the directorial gimmicks before. Wanna get creeped out? Just read the actual “Dear David” thread.

New on video on demand platforms, the compelling documentary “Garden City, Kansas” recounts the thwarted attempt by white supremacists to bomb an enclave of Somali immigrants in Garden City in 2018. Rather than being a depressing examination of hatred or an FBI crime procedural, “Garden City, Kansas” is instead an uplifting look at how immigrants have invigorated and enriched that previously declining town.

The horror entry “Herd,” is a Missouri shot thriller from filmmaker Steven Pierce that offers a different and thoughtful take on the zombie genre. A lesbian couple on a canoe trip takes refuge with a group of vigilantes during a viral outbreak. They wind up having more trouble with the intolerant humans than the undead. “Herd” scores some points for ingenuity.

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