Freeze Frame: “The Flash” (PG-13), “Elemental” (PG), “The Blackening” (R), “Extraction 2” (R)

Try to forget the negative headlines about troubled actor Ezra Miller. As the DC comics troubled superhero “The Flash,” he’s terrific. This lightning fast member of the Justice League opens a Pandora’s Box when he uses his speed to time travel, linking dangerous pathways between multiple universes. The action is swift, the dialogue is funny and there’s a multiverse of surprise cameos. Ironically, “The Flash” is half-hour too long. Even so, it’s a suitably electric comic book flick.

Second tier Pixar movies are still far better than most other animated flicks. “Elemental” is true to form. It’s a racial and social allegory set in Element City, where fire, water, land and air residents live together. Can romance exist when fire and water can’t mix? Hey, folks. It’s Pixar…and definitely worth a look.

The for grins satire “The Blackening” puts an irreverent spin on racial and horror movie cliches. A group of friends meet for a Juneteenth weekend getaway at a cabin in the woods. There, a crazed killer forces them to play a deadly survival game. It’s goofy and spoofy and will be much funnier if you watch it with a crowd.

No, “Extraction 2” aren’t the words you most dread hearing from your dentist. It’s the title to the sequel to Chris Hemsworth’s hit Netflix action flick from 2020. In spite of what you may have assumed from watching the first film’s finale, Hemsworth’s black ops mercenary was not killed. He survived and has now been recruited to save his ex-wife’s sister and her kids from a Georgian penal colony where they’re being held by gangsters.
As in the first outing, common sense gives way to astounding stunt work and balletic action sequences, expertly staged by director Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman. While the events are absurd, if giddy action is your thing, then “Extraction 2” more than pulls its weight.


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