Freeze Frame: “Your Place or Mine” (PG-13), “Consecration” (R), “Pamela: A Love Story” (TV-MA)

Attractive, likable stars can’t save the creaky, warmed-over Netflix rom-com “Your Place or Mine.” Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher play long-distance friends who hooked up once twenty years ago. She’s now a struggling single mom living in LA who wants to take a class in New York City. He’s a wealthy business executive living in Manhattan who needs a change of pace and volunteers to watch over her son. So, they temporarily swap living places. Will they ever realize that they belong together? Do you really have to ask? The story is riddled with rom-com cliches and the movie wastes a talented supporting cast that includes Steve Zahn and Tig Notaro. With “Your Place or Mine,” a good cast got saddled with the script of a second-rate Lifetime movie.

Jena Malone and Danny Houston star in the creaky midnight movie entry, “Consecration.” Malone plays a disturbed young woman, the sister of a priest who died by suicide at a remote Scottish convent. When she visits the nunnery to investigate her sibling’s death, she discovers that evil forces are at work. There are a few unforeseen twists in the plot, but they don’t really provide the movie with a satisfying conclusion. “Consecration” commits the worst sin for a horror movie. It’s dull.

Playmate and “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson does some serious self-reflection in the warts-and-all Netflix documentary “Pamela: A Love Story,” produced by her son, Brandon Thomas Lee. An avid diarist, Anderson reads from her journals providing an interesting perspective of her experiences. While she doesn’t flinch from admitting her flaws, Anderson also embraces the chance to set the record straight about her life and infamous tabloid scandals.

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