UNDER THE RADAR: Guest Producer and Host Nicopisa

“Time is not Absolute. Time is not a Straight Line. Time is a Circle. Bending Back on Itself. Time is a Permanent Bubble. It is Fast and Slow – it is Fixed and Moving – All at Once. All at One Time.” – Lisa Cordes
“The Things We Know About Time or Tim or Both” on the next UNDER THE RADAR. Please Join Me Tonight at 8pm for a 2-Hour Music Odyssey featuring LOCAL MUSIC and ARTISTS: Jason Beers, The Supermassive Black Holes, Lisa Cordes, Greg Mackender, Low Rain Millbern and Spinning Tracks from: Kutiman, WHITNEY, PJ Harvey, Guided By Voices, The Pierces, Anna Calvi, Patti Smith, St Germain, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and Much More! John Todd is off tonight and Radio Nicopisa is Guest Host. Set Your Dial to KKFI 90.1 FM Listen LIVE https://kkfi.org/listen/ 2-Week Archive https://archive.kkfi.org/

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