Is Israel an apartheid state: three experts weigh in

A report by the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East concluded that 2023 promises to be the most violent year since 2005. The UN report also called attention to numerous other factors – including the expansion of illegal Israeli Jewish settlements in the West Bank – which “threaten to worsen the plight of the most vulnerable Palestinians.”  Threats to Palestinian lives are increasingly heard from elected representatives in the Knesset, with some calling for outright ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.  Meanwhile, the obstacles imposed on Palestinians in Gaza only get worse.  Regular aerial bombardment of Gaza—what Israeli military strategists have called “mowing the grass”—remains the Israeli government’s preferred approach to the people under siege for more than 15 years.

In this episode we listen to excerpts from a panel discussion about the documentary film
Is Israel an Apartheid State, a discussion sponsored by Voices From the Holy Land for its January 2023 online film salon.  You can listen to the entire discussion at
Three experts on the panel explain why Israel meets the legal definition of an apartheid state and how laws, policies and practices of the Israeli government constitute apartheid both in the occupied territories and inside what is known as Israel48.  Jonathan Kuttab, attorney, author, and Executive Director of  Friends of Sabeel North America, moderated this panel discussion.

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