Look Back in Anger

Jimmy Porter is one of the stage’s most iconic misanthropes. He’s the original “angry young man” in John Osborne’s classic play, Look Back in Anger: a portrait of the dreams and the disillusionment of three young Londoners in the mid-1950s. As Jimmy relentlessly harangues his wife Alison and their best mate Cliff, the three friends orbit one another in a dance of intimacy, hope, and doubt.

Look Back in Anger stars Simon Templeman, Joanne Whalley, Steven Brand, Moira Quirk, and James Warwick. Associate producer: Christina Montano. Stage manager: Amanda Allen. Sound effects artist: Tony Palermo. Trumpet by Elliott Caine. Edited by Wes Dewberry. Recording and mixing engineer: Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Our director is Rosalind Ayres.

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