Mikal Shapiro + Guest Producer & Guest Co-Host Clint Hoffmeier

At 10:00 Clint Hoffmeier joins us as Guest Producer & Guest Co-Host. Clint Hoffmeier is a musician who plays with several bands, including the Ned Ludd Band and Vehicle.  Clint has been in the music scene in Kansas City for years and manages the live music at Coda, at 18th and Broadway, in Kansas City’s Crossroads.
At 11:15, host Mark Manning talks with singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and artist, Mikal Shapiro, who joins us to talk about her new web television project, “Go! Go! Global Girls,” which launches September 22.  Mikal will bring along her 11-year old niece, who collaborated on the project. Mikal will also share information about the new music she is creating.

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