Native Spirit Radio 11/24/2019 with Rhonda LeValdo

In this special episode, we will play the press conference for the return of the Acoma Shield and the importance of the return of this sacred item, not just for the Acoma, but for all tribes seeking the return of their sacred items.

5:04:24 PM Autumn White Eyes For the Indigenous Woman Spirit Line

5:09:38 PM Northern Cree Buffalo Killer (Sneak Up) ᓂᑎᓴᓇᐠ – Nîtisânak Brothers and Sister

5:42:07 PM Estun-Bah Spirit of Mother Earth From Where the Sun Rises

5:47:29 PM Floyd Red Crow Westerman Custer Died for your sins Native America Calling

5:50:40 PM Reed Bobroff The four elements of ghost dance The four elements of ghost dance

5:55:46 PM Young Spirit For the Vets (Whistled) Red Dress Special – Pow-Wow Songs Recorded Live at Santa Rosa Rancheria


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