“No Time to Die” (PG-13), “The Many Saints of Newark” (R), “South of Heaven” (R)

What do you want in a James Bond movie? Great Bond girls, nasty villains, fast cars, cool gadgets, exotic locales and plenty of action? Well, if so, the 25th installment in the franchise, “No Time to Die,” delivers on all counts. It’s a wildly entertaining if overlong saga that showcases a tired and world-weary Bond, forced yet again to save the world from imminent disaster. It’s an apt swan song for Daniel Craig’s solid tenure as 007 and, under Cary Joji Fukunaga’s proficient direction, “No Time to Die” manages to create a real sense of peril. The $250 million production budget is all up on screen, too, so see it in a theater if you can. “No Time to Die” is a good time at the movies.


If you were a fan of the TV series “The Sopranos,” the prequel film “The Many Saints of Newark” delivers the goomba goods. Others, beware. Allesandro Nivola leads the cast as the conflicted, amoral mobster Dickie Molisanti, a hero and role model for his young and impressionable nephew Tony Soprano, played by Michael Gandolphini, the son of the late James Gandolphini who created the role. While it’s absorbing, the storytelling meanders and will strike many viewers as inconsequential. Still, if a two-hour dip back into the world of “The Sopranos” sounds appealing, then “The Many Saints of Newark” is your cup of Compari.


Plot holes, cliches and implausibilities engage in a battle royale to thwart the efforts of a strong cast in the misguided drama, “South of Heaven.” Kansas City’s own Jason Sudekis is fine in a straight dramatic role as a recent parolee who tries to stay out of trouble for the sake of his dying fiancé, played by Evangeline Lily. No such luck. Dark, violent and frustrating, “South of Heaven” isn’t the least bit heavenly.


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