Recognizing the Nakba

May 15 marks the 75th aniversaryof the Nakba, the Arabic word for “catastrophe” when 3/4 of the indigenous population of Palestine were expelled or fled their homes in the violence that accompanied the establishment of the state of Israel. Commemorations of the anniversary are taking place across the United States, including in Kansas City where Palestinian- Americans and their friends will gather Saturday, May 20, at 6 p.m. at the Islamc Center of Greater Kansas City both to recognize the Nakba and to celebrate the survival of Palestinian culture. In this episode members of the local Palestinian community share their recollections of the Nakba, their reflections on its continuance and why they are commemorating it. Information and tickets to the May 20th dinner are available on the web site of Citizens for Justice in the Middle East at The public is invited; all are welcome.

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