Sarah Lee Guthrie on the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show!

Host Diana Linn returns to the airwaves this Friday September 29 with very special guest in the 11 am Central Hour via phone,  Ms.  Sarah Lee Guthrie.  After catching Guthrie at her grandfather Woody’s annual namesake music festival in Okemah, Oklahoma, it is now an honor and privilege to be able to speak to this wonderful artist that has found and continues to find her own way in the folk/roots music world.  Guthrie is coming to the Kansas City area to headline the Green Guitar Folk House Concert Series on Saturday October 21, 2023.

About Sarah from her website:  Her lineage is undeniable. But if you close your eyes and forget that her last name is synonymous with the river-legacy of a widening current of American folk music, you’d still be drawn to the clarity and soul behind her voice. There is a gentle urgency to her interpretations of the songs she sings and the classic music of her heritage. It flows from the continuity of her family, her vital artistic life today and the river of songs that have guided her to where she now stands.
It’s been hinted at since she first stepped on the stages of Wolf Trap and Carnegie Hall as a teenager in 1993 singing Pete Seeger’s “Sailin’ Down My Golden River” for sold-out audiences.  But it was later, when she met her husband, Johnny Irion, grandnephew of Woody Guthrie’s literary kindred spirit, John Steinbeck, that she began to embrace her birthright and her inherent gifts.
New music has been flooding Diana’s inbox daily…tune in to see who beside Sarah Lee made the cut for this week’s show!


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