Tasty Brew Music Radio Show welcomes summerland

This week’s Tasty Brew Music Radio Show is sponsored by Johnson County Community Colllege’s Carlsen Center presenting Americana Music icon and Grammy Award Winner Emmylou Harris at Yardley Hall on Saturday October 13 at 8 pm.  Details and tickets for the show at jccc.edu/carlsen-center.  Host Diana Linn will feature many songs written by Emmylou as interpreted by other artists.  Joining Diana Linn in the Studio will be Oklahoma songwriter Nadia Piotrowsky aka summerland.

When the curtain first opened on the scene of Nadia Piotrowsky’s story, music played a principle role, though singing and performing often masqueraded as extras waiting in the wings. Now, throwing behind life’s voices that used to dictate practicality and playing it safe, she’s embracing confidence in who she really is: a singer/songwriter. At the age of 30 she regards herself as a late bloomer, though her friends and family always suspected greatness. Post-college adventures in Nashville, bumps and bruises from jobs and relationships, and a move to Los Angeles in the last couple of years have inspired the melodies and lyrics that now pour out of her.

Her folk-rock tales are accompanied by the sounds and rhythms of the guitar that she learned to play while sitting on the porch of her college home in Manhattan, Kansas. Various music projects with friends have led to her current project “Summerland,” which is Nadia’s first official lead role in her own musical story. Standing on the stage with her own band, made up of various talented friends from L.A., including violinist Erin Smith, Nadia feels confident that this is what she was meant to do. Rich vocals bring forth a depth that is true to life and invokes the joy and heartbreak that for better or worse are reality. Listeners and fans not only connect with the raw emotions and energy Nadia brings to her music, but are also glad that they’re not the cause of her angst.

Musical inspirations range from Katie Herzig to The Frames, Ella Fitzgerald to Mary Chapin Carpenter. Artists like Herzig along with a profound experience with God’s grace have challenged Nadia’s views about herself and others, leaving in her the desire to be open, venerable, and genuinely loving to everyone she encounters. She’s not afraid to tell about life like it is, and enjoys the journey that has brought her into the colors of a deeper musical portrait that looks significantly different than it did even 10 years earlier.
This musician has something to say and is worthy of the success that her hard work has brought her. Nadia Piotrowsky and Summerland are coming into their own, whether late-blooming or springing onto the music scene at just the right time. Though loves come and go, Nadia’s songs speak to universal messages which transcend time and lead her fans to believe that this is not where her story ends.
-biography by Shalinn Ginn


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