The Night Watcher

Ordinary events become extra-ordinary

“Ms. Woodard roams the stage like a human searchlight, casting a permanent glow that reaches all the way to the back rows.” — The New York Times

Two-time Obie award-winner and Tony Award® nominee Charlayne Woodard makes the stage her stomping grounds. In this luminous romp, the subject is motherhood. And no matter how many times she says “no,” Woodard’s maternal instincts keep getting called into action.

“Charlayne, go get your baby boy!”

A surprise call from a friend with a last-minute adoption opportunity sends this self-described “blue collar actor” into a hilarious litany on the joys of children in our lives.

“But if I have a baby, I can’t be the baby!”

Woodard is a storyteller of the highest caliber. In The Night Watcher, as auntie, godmother and best friend to dozens of young people, she shares the battle scars AND the tales of victory.

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