Weston Roots Festival Takeover of the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show

The second annual Weston Roots Music Festival will offer a day of entertainment with Americana, Folk and Bluegrass music for the Weston, Missouri community, as well as for people visiting Weston. They wish to bring people together with authentic music, delicious food, and fun activities. Ten venues, Over 20 bands, all in Weston on Saturday, June 1, 2024!  Three acts…all returning Tasty Brew Music Radio Show Alumni… appearing on the festival line up will take over the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show airwaves this Friday, May 24, 2024!  Scheduled to appear live on air with host Diana Linn are Kirstie Lynn and Galen Clark, Chris Hudson of Gullywasher and The  Swallowtails.

Originally from the Fingerlakes region of Upstate, NY, Kirstie Lynn brings elements of all the places she has called home into her songwriting. From the lilacs of Rochester, the bridges of London, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, and the sweeping prairies of the Midwest, you can find melodies and words accompanied by her finger-picking on guitar reminiscent of the many lives she has lived so far.  As your local outsider, Galen Clark introduces an alternative perspective and approach to music that contains multitudes. Migratory melodies, multi-instrumental fluency, and mysterious texture all outline the stylings of the ever transplanted singer – songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Born into an Air Force family, Clark grew up in many places with family anchors in Vermont and Colorado.

Chris Hudson a Kansas City Native, Classical Guitarist, Guitarist, Musician, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist ,SingerSongwriter, Teacher and Visual Artist… he’s a Member of three bands: Gullywasher, The Multiverse and The Bard Owls.  Gullywasher will be appearing on the Weston Roots Festival bill.

Following the release of Miki P’s debut album, in the October of 2018 “Miki P and the Swallowtails” was formed. It would be nearly a year later in the August of 2019 that the band began laying down their roots, being featured on Miki’s EP “Swallowtail.” Taking the name and running with it, the EP named after the butterfly would eventually title the band now composed of Miki P and Rachel Lovelace. Their latest EP Lucky Penny released on February 20th, 2024. The release of this project solidified the band as an acoustic powerhouse duo; Miki holding down the rhythm and chordal section, Rachel playing soaring melodies and solos, and both Swallowtails contributing floating harmonies and grounded lead vocals.


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