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The Heartland Labor Forum is Kansas City’s only program about the workplace. It’s radio that talks back to the boss! Whether you’re a union member or your workplace isn’t organized, Heartland Labor Forum (HLF) has stories for you, guaranteed to inspire, educate, or enrage you. HLF is produced by a diverse group of working people. We have been agitating for the rights of working people on the KKFI airwaves since 1989.

Find out about labor struggles and strikes, organizing in Kansas City, global sweatshops, and how the economy is working from the point of view of working people. Listen to our monthly features: Know Your Rights, Safety First, Remember Our Struggle, and Washington Window on Workers. Heartland Labor Forum has won the International Labor Communications Association first prize for radio several times.  We are members of the Labor Radio Podcast Network #laborradiopod. Other media have plenty of business news of, by, and for the 1%; HLF is for the rest of us.

Find our schedule of upcoming shows and our archive at www.heartlandlaborforum.org.

  • Judy Ancel – Heartland Labor Forum founder, labor educator, global solidarity activist and daily dog walker. She coordinates the show.

  • Shawn Saving – Scientist, musician, labor activist.

  • Ariana Eakle – IBEW Local 124 journeyperson electrician, singer and Wobbly. Also does the monthly feature Remember Our Struggle

  • Tom Gebken – Vice President of CWA Local 6360, Labor activist, Community advocate and all around good guy!

  • Christina Hendricks – Young inner-city social studies teacher and union activist.

  • Cris Mann – Retired special ed teacher, member AFT Local 691. She dreams of the day when the Pentagon budget will be redirected to our schools and teachers.



  • Michael Savwoir – Photographer, active TDUer, social and civil rights activist, retirement income security advocate, senior citizen!

  • Tino Scalici – Award-Winning Labor Journalist, Egomaniac, Assembly Line Worker.




  • Jen Zaman Dream of an engineer. DJ/presenter, music/art lover, proud wife and fur-mom, and aunt to a French teen.

Feature Editors

  • Mary Erio hosts the monthly Safety First feature. Workplace safety advocate, engineer and butterfly garden enthusiast

  • Angie Williams
    Angie Williams

    Angie Williams does our “Know Your Rights” segment.  She is an attorney in Kansas City focusing on complex family immigration and removal defense and criminal defense.  She is an activist for immigrant rights and immigration reform. Angie has written extensively on the subject as well as testified against unconstitutional state based immigration laws in both the Kansas and Missouri Legislature.

  • Mark Gruenberg is on once a month with Washington Window on Workers. He is a full-time labor journalist with PAI-Press Associates Inc. which provides news to unions and labor publications.

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