Our 6-String World

The music I play on Our 6-String World (O6SW) will almost always be from the 21st Century with my goal to find the newest releases from around the world. It will feature the lead guitar, whether it is blues/rock, rock n roll, country/rock, roots/rock or hard rock. The music will come from every continent except Antarctica and most will not be heard on commercial radio.

Most of the groups I play do not get to enjoy radio air play like groups did decades ago. I’ve never been one that settled for what commercial radio feeds to the masses. Middle of the road can be boring and does not stand the test of time. True talent comes from those who create their own sound and write their songs using their mind, heart & soul. While we may never hear another programmer like Clyde Clifford (The Mighty 1090, Little Rock Arkansas), a true pioneer of finding and playing music that was not played anywhere else in the 60-70’s, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do something ourselves to promote & enlighten others to the great music that is out there. So, get out and back the groups you like by seeing them live & purchasing their music. And tune into KKFI, 90.1 fm, Kansas City Community Radio or stream it online at KKFI.org.

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