Saba: The Wind of Love

Nilufar Movahedi produces two shows that air on Sundays from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. The first show, “Saba: The Wind of Love,” is an English-language show that focuses on the music, public affairs, and current events of Iran. Nilufar relates these to the Kansas City community in a way that is relevant to KKFI listeners, which includes: the Iranian Diaspora, Persian speakers, and natives of Central Asia, Afghanistan, and other ethnicities. Nilufar’s audience also includes a broad range of non-Persian speaking listeners such as local musicians and those who enjoy folk music, Middle-Eastern music, and Persian music specifically. Still others listen in because they like the flow of international music programs offered by KKFI on Sunday afternoon: ‘World Sound Radio,’ ‘Saba,’ ‘Sayeh,’ ‘Native Spirit Radio,’ and ‘Sunset Reggae.’