Show Me Mix Show

Hip-Hop is a huge part of the artistic community in Kansas City and our mission is to recognize that very fact. The Show-Me Mix Show is a radio show created to cultivate the hip-hop rhythm of Kansas City featuring artists such as MC Reach, Soul Servers, Godson, Young Fierce, The Brain from Fifth Lane and Lez Izmore.

We support the up and coming and identify the super talented on the verge of stardom. We want to be the pulse of Kansas City for the underground Hip-Hop arena. Our goal is to shine a positive light on Hip-Hop by promoting hip-hop events as well as empower and encourage young creative hip-hop entrepreneurs and fuel the growing legions of hip-hop fans. Although it is important to entertain, we strive to inform our listening audience as well by interviewing seasoned artists in Hip-Hop such as MC Lyte, GURU, Devin the Dude and Brian Kennedy.

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