Pledge Drive Pitches

IMPORTANT NOTE: Access SPR spots through PROMO on PAL

Person Recorded Traffic Code Length Spot Title Addl Comments
Susan Sanders SPR 0037 1′ 13″ Pledge: Susan Sanders General Use: KKFI Is Listening
Rex SPR 0042 0′ 54″ Pledge: Rex General Use: KKFI Is Listening
Kim Clause SPR 0039 0′ 44″ Pledge: Kim Clause General Use: KKFI Is Listening
Phil Pledge 1 SPR 0028 1′ 00″ Pledge: Phil Pledge 1 General Use: KKFI Is Listening
Phil Pledge 3 SPR 0049 0′ 53″ Pledge: Phil Pledge 3 General Use: KKFI Is Listening
Arjay SPR 7088 53″ Pledge Arjay KKFI is independent and plays more locally produced, unique shows.
Barry Jackson SPR 7072 1′ 01″ Pledge Barry Jackson KKFI is an independent voice
Charles Ferruzza SPR 7115 52″ Pledge Charles Ferruzza Imagine how boring KC would be without KKFI
Ditto SPR 7919 1′ 12″ Pledge Voices of KKFI 3 Ditto
Ditto SPR 7920 49″ Pledge Voices of KKFI 4 Ditto
Dr Mike SPR 7075 42″ Pledge Dr Mike Encourage donors to support their favortie programs
Groovy Grant SPR 7098 57″ Pledge Groovy Grant Diversity of Opinion
Judy Ancel SPR 7110 1′ 06″ Pledge Judy Ancel 1 KKFI is eclectic, everything but mainstream
Judy Ancel SPR 7112 1′ 06″ Pledge Judy Ancel 3 Amy Goodman and Democracy Now…DN makes you a better person
Ladonna Jones SPR 7064 1′ 10″ Pledge Ladonna Blues is my passion
Larry J SPR 7021 1′ 19″ Pledge Larry J Shout out to suburbs and cities outside KC
Linda Hall SPR 7101 1′ 07″ Pledge Luscious Lynn One Blues music pushes the boundries
Mark Manning SPR 7015 1′ 26″ Pledge Mark Manning KKFI plays KC’s incredible local music scene and supports local artists
MC Richardson SPR 7020 1′ 15″ Pledge MC Richardson KKFI is a shared resource with lots of diverse views
Michael Hogge SPR 7103 56″ Pledge Michael Hogge KKFI is a “Great station”…talks about individual contributors
Norman Comstock SPR 7096 59″ Pledge Storm Norm We stay on the air only as long as our listeners support us
Rebecca Roche SPR 0013 1′ 03″ Pledge Rebecca Roche KKFI is outrageous and for real people (own words)
Russ Simmons SPR 7062 42″ Pledge Russ Simmons At KKFI you hear voices of those you hear no where else
Sunshine SPR 7901 1′ 18″ Pledge Sunshine We share a common appreciaiton for diversity on KKFI

Overnight/After Hours

Board Member Non Programmer
Matt Quinn SPR 7117 1′ 31″ Pledge Matt Quinn KKFI is the voice of our diverse communities: Pubic Affairs and Music
Non Programmers/Non Board

Connie Dover SPR 7063 1′ 03″ Pledge Connie Dover Personal testimony in support of music and Public Affairs
David Basse SPR 7910 56″ Pledge David Basse Local Jazz guy talks about his favorite KKFI programs
Author David Swanson SPR 7214 57″ Pledge David Swanson preserve democracy through independent radio
Elaine McMillan SPR 7904 1′ 16″ Pledge Elaine McMillan Singer-Songwriter: KKFI supports local music scene and th arts
Crystal Highland SPR 7903 1′ 02″ Pledge Crystal Highland Designer/Artist: hippest coverage of artistic scene & freshest music
Cheryl Kimmi SPR 0061 1′ 12″ Pledge Cheryl Kimmi KC Fringe: KKFI provides a vital service to the local performing arts scene
Jacque Levee Town SPR 7093 54″ Pledge Jacque Levee Town Levee Town: KKFI is a rare gem…commercial radio is a wastleand
Public Affairs Syndicated
Amy Goodman SPR 7357 45″ Pledge Amy Goodman 2 Public Affairs: Become a member of community sponsored radio
Jim Hightower SPR 7906 1′ 07″ Pledge Jim Hightower Public Affairs: Jim is hellraiser…KKFI is listener supported
Pledge Free Shows
Pledge Free Pre Show SPR 0912 22″ Pledge Free Pre “The following program is pledge free…Call now..”
Pledge Free Post SPR 0036 20″ Pledge Free Post “The preceeding show was pladge free..Call now…”
Miscellaneous Recordings Traffic Code Length Spot Title Addl Comments
Sustainer Member SPR 0087 20″ Sustained Giving Jen Zaman
Matching Gift SPR 7128 27″ Pledge Matching Gift
Thank You Gifts SPR 0031 27″ Generic Thank You Thank you gifts

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