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Take Two: “Eternal Beauty” (R)

British actress Sally Hawkins ("The Shape of Water") plays a woman suffering from schizophrenia in the offbeat comic drama, "Eternal Beauty." The cast also includes David Thewlis ("I'm Thinking of Ending Things") and Penelope Wilton ("Downton Abbey"). It was written and directed by actor Craig Roberts ("The Current War").

Freeze Frame: “The Glorias” (R), “The Boys in the Band” (R), “Herb Alpert Is” (Not rated), “A Call to Spy” (PG-13), “Eternal Beauty” (R)

The life of feminist icon Gloria Steinem is given the art house treatment in Julie Taymor’s overambitious biography, “The Glorias.” Four actresses play Steinem in various stages of her life, including Oscar winners Alicia Vikander and Julianne Moore. While it’s illuminating and relevant, the film skims the surface while indulging...