Mountain Sprout at Davey’s Uptown

Mountain Sprout at Davey’s Uptown

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Back on Nov 15, we caught the early show featuring Mountain Sprout at Davey’s Uptown.  It was a good sized crowd for a pretty chilly Saturday night.  The band’s lineup has shuffled a couple times over the last year.  Fiddle player Blaine Thiebaud left the band to be replaced by Mike Schembre.  Blaine’s brother Dean Thiebaud has also permanently joined the band on guitar.  Overall, the hard-partying, no-holds-barred style of shows that have come to define Mountain Sprout over the years have been toned down quite a bit.  The tunes are still solid, but the overall feel of the shows lack that same substance fueled crazy energy.  It’s not bad, just different.  

They touched on many Mountain Sprout standards through the two hour show.   In addition, they performed several tracks of their recently released Long Time Comin’.

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