Host David Bell speaks with Dr. Nicole Price, CEO of Lively Paradox. Lively Paradox helps differences get along.  The consulting services of Lively Paradox are used by businesses, social groups, non-profits and any groups that desire to work together and to help people acknowledge the truth around unconscious biases.

Dr. Price will challenge our tendency to find an exception to the rule when confronted with examples of systemic racism in the criminal justice system.


Please listen and be open to our message.  On Jaws of Justice, we investigate how to achieve justice in America.



“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Calendar for the week of August 30th:

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  • GKCCEHGreater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness has received notice that HUD’s CoC (Continuum of Care) Funding Competition is open. Iit’s time to start getting your applications together!
  • MON, August 30th, 3 PM, Online event. Monday Meets, get to know the WillowDomestic Violence Center. Facebook Live
  • MON August 30th, 12 – 4 PM Rally for Justice Strickland Johnson. At the MO Supreme CT BLDG, Jefferson City MO, if you need transportation, you can phone Keith Brown El at 816-377-2873
  • THURS, Sept 2nd, 6 PM Truth & Justice is an Online Event hosted by ACLU of Missouri and Reale Justice Network for anyone on or off Facebook. This is a monthly meeting where families who have lost loved ones to police violence AND for those who have been harmed by law enforcement, can discuss policing issues with the community and share information on how the community can help them get justice for their loved one as well as fighting for policy changes that can impact policing.September’s Topic will focus on the following:Terrorized Students Trapped In an Unjust System: How ‘No-Knock’ Raids Criminalize Innocent People.Torrance Evans and his attorney Kylar Broadus talk about the 2 nights of terror that Torrance and his friends faced at the hands of Fayette Missouri police over crimes they did not commit.
  • FRI, Sept 3rd, 11 AM, Smart Sentencing/Criminal Justice Coalition Call – with Empower MO.  More info at
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