Christmas Behind Bars? A Different Kind of Redemption

Is Christmas celebrated in prison?  How can one connect with family while behind bars?  Or is all hope and faith lost when the doors clang shut behind you?  This is not your It’s A Wonderful Life kind of Christmas story

Host Margo Patterson talks with Deon Hare and Macy Jones about Christmas in the Penitentiary.  They give you an idea what it is like to celebrate(?) Christmas while in prison.  Does the day to day routine of prison life take a break?  They explain how the seperation from and the contact with family is often painful during celebrations.

Deon and Macy were cellies, they shared a cell, in the Missouri Correctional system.  They speak to the dehumanizing effects of incarceration and tell how they came from a place of lost hope and faith to one of strength and self awareness by studying and accepting Islam.  This is truly a different kind of Christmas story.

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