Climate Hour: Green Transportation Re-Imagined

The electrification of transportation is well underway.  Electric cars, trucks, and trains are increasingly common and electric commuter flights are in the air.  With carbon-emission issues being addressed, people are starting to ask tougher questions.  How much transportation do we really need?  How does transportation impact civil rights?  Are there better ways to live?  For instance, do we need to commute to work?  What does the city of the near future look like?  How do we re-imagine transportation?

Join host, Bob Grove, and guests to discuss the future of green transportation. Guests include:

• Gwen Moore – Curator of Urban Landscape and Community Identity, Missouri Historical Society
• Romona Taylor Williams – Activist, community organizer and co-founder of the North Side Community Benefits Alliance and the Metropolitan St. Louis Coalition for Inclusion and Equity
• David Henry – Pedestrian rights activist and co-founder of Walkable St. Louis
• John George Bauer-Buis – Computer scientist and rail transport advocate
• Cris Mann – Member of KC Greens and host of KKFI’s Heartland Labor Forum
• Jerome Bauer – Green Party political candidate

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