Climate Hour: The State of U.S. Climate Policy

This last year has been a bellwether for climate issues. We’ve had a new federal administration changing the direction of U.S. climate policy. The United Nation’s IPCC has published it’s first climate assessment report since 2014. And we’ve had the world gather in Glasgow for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change … better know as COP26.

Join host, Bob Grove, and guests to discuss the state of U.S. Climate Policy.

Guests include:

• Winston Apple – Author and former member of the Democratic National Committee
• Jellie Duckworth – Climate Justice Activist and Founder of LivZero
• Howie Hawkins – Co-founder of the Green Party of the United States, and presidential nominee in the 2020 presidential election
• Stephen Melton – Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Kansas City Chapter Leader
• Jim Turner – Board member of the Thomas Hart Benton Group of Sierra Club and former Chair of the Missouri State Sierra Club.

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