Climate Science and Renewable Technology

On our show for July 17th, we will play the latest edition of Climate Hour produced by Bob Grove: Climate Science and Renewable Technology.

Science has now demonstrated that there’s enough wind energy globally to supply the energy needs of the entire planet. Combine this with all of the renewable solar and water energy, and there’s more energy available than we can ever use.  Detailed plans and grid-studies are in place for all 50 U.S. States, hundreds of cities worldwide, 145+ countries and over 400 international corporations to all transition to 100% renewable water-wind-solar energy by 2035 with an infrastructure payback of just six years. There’s nothing stopping us from solving the climate crisis today using existing technology.

Join host, Bob Grove, and Dr Mark Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University, to discuss Climate Science and Renewable Technology.

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