Folk Music from France and the Canadian Diaspora

Today Mark and Val bring you some of our favorite French folk groups with music from Brittany, Normandy, and the Massif in France, as well as the music that crossed the Atlantic and ended up in Quebec in Canada (we’ll bring you Louisiana Cajun country music another time).  Today you’ll be hearing from, Malicorne, Jean Blanchard & Eric Montbel, Pierre Bensusan, Tri Yann, Alan Stivell, Le Vent du Nord, Emmanuelle Parrenin, Ad Vielle Que Pourra, Yann Tiersen (one featuring Dominique A), Veronique Chalot, and the Clemencic Consort and Rene Clemencic (well, OK – Rene Clemencic is from Vienna, but the song is by Bernard de Ventadorn).

Call us at 815.931.KKFI while the music is playing to tell us what you think or to correct my pronunciation (I should have taken French instead of Latin and Spanish)

As ever, the show will be archived for two weeks and the playlist will be available on Spinatron.


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