Jaws of Justice Radio investigates how we can achieve justice from a system of laws deeply rooted in economic, social and political inequality.  We hope you will listen.

On March 25th, please turn in to hear our replay of RadioActive Magazine’s talk with Lora MacDonald, Executive Director of More², Spencer Webster, Attorney representing the plaintiffs and Karl Brooks, Atty and Professor at University of Kansas speak with host Spencer Graves about a suit filed against Missouri Board of Police Commissioners for failing to provide equal protection under Missouri law to residents of Kansas City. The suit notes that Chapter 84 of Missouri statutes denies local control of the Kansas City Police Department and instead gives that control to the Board of Police Commissioners appointed by the Governor.  This is case is “Johnson v. Parson” (4:24-cv-00174) filed in federal court in the Western district of Missouri. The plaintiffs are requesting a jury trial.


In the second half of our hour, host Melvin Merritt will speak with Pastor Adrion Roberson, who is with KC United! Youth/Family Sports and Education Initiative.

The purpose of KC United! Youth/Family Sports and Education Initiative is to strengthen and unify our city one soul, one life, one family at a time. Their vision is to break the ‘poverty mindset’ systems in youth and families in Kansas City. Their mission is to exceed the needs of the ‘whole’ family (spiritually, educationally, economically, socially/emotionally and physically) through highly effective year-round, after school programs and services that will meet each individual where they are to get them where they desire to be.


Sports, Arts, Community and Family: KC United! aims to strengthen and unify our city one soul, one life, one family at a time.


On Jaws of Justice, we examine how to find justice in our society.  Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.


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