Kansas City: 1924 – Best Laid Plans

Brazen and desperate schemes take shape this week in “Best Laid Plans,” episode 9 of Kansas City Actors Radio Theatre’s original series, “Kansas City: 1924,” by Forrest Attaway. As dust settles on the latest battle for the streets of Kansas City, the combatants nurse their wounds and look for a way forward, with or without further bloodshed.

This latest episode in the ongoing historical saga “Kansas City: 1924” features Rusty Sneary, Matt Schwader, Katie Hall, Chioma Anyanwu, Kyle Dyck, Katie Gilchrist, Ellen Kirk, Scott Cordes, Gary Neal Johnson, RH Wilhoit, Alisa Lynn, Granvile O’Neal, Nedra Dixon, Walter Coppage, Justin McCoy, and Victor Raider-Wexler. Written by Forrest Attaway. Directed by Victor Raider-Wexler with Sound Design and Engineering by Jonathan Robertson.

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