Kansas City: 1924 – The Levy Breaks

In episode 4 of “Kansas City: 1924,” a storm rolls in as George and his family seek unconventional help for their problem, the next shot in the cross-town war of businesses lands, and some of Vincent’s mysterious background is brought to light.

Featuring Victor Raider-Wexler (who also directs), Walter Coppage, Vanessa Severo, Bri Woods, Justin McCoy, Brian Paulette, Katie Gilchrist, Mike Ott, Jan Rogge, Kyle Dyck, Katie Hall, Chioma Anyanwu, Jen Mays, Scott Cordes, Ellen Kirk, Mark Robbins, Matt Schwader, and Bri Woods. Hosted by Cinnamon Schultz with Sound Design by Jon Robertson. Written by Forrest Attaway.

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