Light in Our Cells

This week, we speak to Garrett G. Sullivan MD, a physician practicing integrative, functional, and biophysical medicine about the impacts and implications of Sunlight on our health and ecological well-being.  In addition, Richard will give us an update on the upcoming Metro KC Climate Action Summit.
It has been conclusively shown that living things are filled with light (biophotons) that are stored within and animate their structure.  Biophoton emissions, those photons that can be measured as they are released from an organism during it’s course of metabolism and function, can be used to assess the internal state of the living system or organism being monitored.
This has profound implication for medicine, agriculture and environmental science broadly, as monitoring the biophoton emission  patterns provides a reliable non-invasive method to assess plants’ and seeds’, animals’, and humans’ internal state of well-being and viability/sustainability, especially as a function of the environmental conditions to which the given living thing is subjected.

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