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Today, Terri Wilke will speak with Sheridan Foster, Founder of Elemental Green, on the topic of what makes a building, particularly homes, sustainable.  Elemental Green is a digital resource available to builders, home owners, and other interested folks.

Sheridan Foster founded Elemental Green to encourage the adoption of sustainable, green building materials in homes. After her own journey wading through the inaccessible and highly fragmented process of sourcing green building materials and products for her family home, in 2016, Sheridan formed a team to demystify and document the best of sustainable building and design.

Elemental Green is a digital media company with a mission to make green home building, design, and renovation the status quo. There’s every reason to make environmentally friendly homes the norm. You know buildings account for 40% of electricity use and produce 30% of CO2 emissions in the US.   New building products, furnishings, and technologies are entering the market all the time, and they are more accessible and affordable than ever before. Whether you’re building from scratch, decorating, or doing some minor renovations, Elemental Green can help.

Green homes come in all shapes and sizes – LEED homes, passive homes, net-zero homes, tiny homes, prefabs, shipping container homes, eco-apartments, lofts, condos, and more!

EcoRadio KC is glad to encourage awareness and protection of our world.  Our goal is to ensure our listeners are aware of how we can create a sustainable present for a sustainable future! We support the work for a future in which humans flourish in a thriving ecosphere. We are all in this together and it will take all of us to make the world safe for human habitation for millennia to come.

This will be a great radio hour!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can about the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”    Margaret Mead

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