Mark & Val; Assortment Show

We got so many positive comments on our last assortment show, we decided to do it again (see – you do have input 😉 ).

Today we start off with two of my favorite Stan Rogers songs from the new Stan Rogers Limited Edition Boxed LP set and end with Curtis Young dropping by to talk about the Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival.

In the middle we bring you as much as we can fit of Martin Simpson and Tomm Jutz; Fiachra O’Regan; Henry Parker; Bela Lamb and His Greene County Singers, Carolina Chocolate Drops; Michelle Mulcahy; St. Catherine’s Child; Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart; Rowdy Wright; Cartwright Brothers; Ringo Star and friends; Rosie Alena; Conor Arkins and Paul Clesham; Frankie Archer; Nick Hart; Eoss Ainslie, Brighde Chaimbeul; Steven Byrnes; and Maddie Morris.

Tune in for a good time!

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