Organic Food and Carbon Poison

Organically-grown foods typically cost more at the checkout counter than conventionally-grown foods. Why are they more expensive, and are they worth the extra money? On the next EcoRadio KC, host John Kurmann will talk with Brett Ramey, a boardmember of the non-profit group Beyond Pesticides, about the systemic differences between organic and conventional agriculture.

Then, in the second half of the show, John will talk with Daniel Kessler, a media campaigner with, about their international campaign to prevent a global warming catastrophe and the upcoming Do the Math tour headlined by author and cofounder Bill McKibben. This will be the Fall pledge drive edition of EcoRadio KC, so it’s your opportunity to call in to show your support for locally-produced ecological news and interviews on KKFI.

 This weeks Bird Note; Where Swallows Go in Winter

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