Part 3 – Is The System Destroying Our Children’s Lives? A Call In Show

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The Miseducation of White Folks.
In this series, we look at how race and economics guide adolescents toward the criminal justice system and how laws help keep them there as adults.

Is The System Destroying Our Children’s Lives?

The institutionalism of profiteering off our children has created the School to Prison Pipeline and continues with a parole system that uses minor infractions to keep our prisons full and profits high. There are millions of stories of exploitation that are ignored or discounted because a conviction means you are a dishonest person and can never be believed. Call in with your story.

On today’s show Host Attorney David Bell talks with Andre Carson, a Client Advocate for KC NoVA, Former CEO and alumni with Reaching out From Within, a non-profit organization focused on mentoring felons and ex-felons re-entering into our society. He has worked and volunteered in Community Outreach for 19 years and is an ex-felon. Today the topic is Reentry and Andre’s struggles. If you have a reentry story please call in with your comments and questions.

A CALL IN SHOW – 816-931-5534

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